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What we doWe can tailor our package for you

Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to personalise your special day with  venues offering limited opportunities for you to express your tastes and personality.

We will work with you to provide the perfect combination of cameras and film tailored to your wedding or event tables. These cameras make a fantastic alternative to disposable, generic, single-use table cameras.

What is included in the package:
For You:

Tested and working, easy to operate classic cameras, pre-loaded with your choice of film (black and white or color). Each camera is packaged in your choice of presentation box with attractive Vintage Light & Magic logo.

After your event, simply return the package. We develop the film, scan the negatives, and make them available here on the website or through the mobile app for you and your guests.

For your guests:

A companion mobile app (iOS and Android) that can be accessed via a QR code on the camera.  The app provides your guests with simple operating instructions as well as a short history of the camera. If your guest chooses to do so, they can also register through the app and be alerted to when the photos are available to view online or through the app. Your guests can even upload their own photos taken on their phone directly to the app giving you a single place to view and download these memories of your special day.

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